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wildvine's predator : Stinging Nettle by TheWalrusclown wildvine's predator : Stinging Nettle by TheWalrusclown
hear is Wildvine's predator for the Ben 10 fan reboot, drawln by Fanficwriter1, colored by me.

This little bugger is part of the Ben 10 Reboot done by fellow Deviant TheWalrusclown and is the final draft of the predator for Wildvine. Enjoy!

Name: Stinging Nettle

Species: Crested Ayunghasphern

Body: Pterosaur

Home Planet: Flors Verdance

Prey: Florauna (Wildvine's species)

Powers/Abilities: Despite their small size, roughly about the size of a volley ball, and leathery wings Crested Ayunghasphern are highly agile and fast, capable of beating their wings roughly 2,500 times a seconds thank to their hyper-kinetic muscles.

Stinging Nettle possesses 360 degree vision, thus making it all but impossible to sneak up on, especially when with other members of their species.

Ayunghasphern transmit a contagious and deadly virus through their saliva; they hunt Floraunas by seeking out the sap and liquids inside their body by following the scent that Floraunas give off (usually rotting meat) , using their needle-like beaks to pierce through the soft skin and start sucking out juices.

Weaknesses: Crested Ayunghasphern are quite fragile, and a crushing blow to their wing alone is a death sentence.

Because they fly so fast, they constantly need food and thus have to keep eating. If they don't get enough energy in little over two days, they will perish.

Trivia: The specie's name derives from the Spanish word for 'fast' and the Maltese word for 'bird'.

Crested Ayunghasphern have sexual dimorphism; the males have large, flashy crests that turn various colors depending on how the male is feeling during the mating season. The brighter and flashier the crest, the more attractive the male is to females, thus creating a dazzling color show when gathered in large groups or tricked into performing for audiences.

Ayunghasphern feed strictly on Floraunas, so to ensure that the species does not go extinct they sometimes gather in large flocks and go on hunting parties, swooping down from the skies at unsuspecting prey like a cloud of knives and draining everything it has within seconds.

Stinging Nettle's appearance and behavior is based upon that of the Dimorphodon, common house fly, vampire bat, and piranha.
Pizzaronny Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2018  Student Artist
Cool dinosaur bird alien!
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